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Marijn Ham, 19 - 26 May 2018

Super week on Joachim's boat.
Unbelievably enjoyed the beautiful nature and the deafening silence. The rest. Nature. The adventure...

The boat was great. Ideal for fast moving or feeding. Turn lines in and you're gone again. Capturing the boat with the winch system is super.
The boat will be moored in no time.
The refrigerator on board is a must. Chilled food so you do not have to do groceries as often.
The bbq made the party complete and that was on fire every day.

We had a top week and caught some very nice fish.
We will be back next year.


Collin Slabbekoorn and Michiel Pilaar, 5 - 12 May 2018

1 full week on the boat of Lot of Carp fished.
Beautiful nature, catch fish that maybe have never been caught; it is one big adventure.
The service of joachim is absolutely fantastic. Thanks again for the very nice week !! Greetings Collin

Roderick Langeveld , 10 - 22 June 2018

Roderick Langeveld

Jorrit Hazen and Leonard Kooreman, 22 - 27 June 2018

June 22nd it was then time, on to the river Lot! After a few France trips on paid and unpaid water, it was time to focus on the mighty rivers of France. Soon we came into contact with Lot of Carp. A new company specialized in boat fishing on the Lot. After 12 hours of driving we arrived in southern France.

Wow! That is the first thing that comes to mind when you see the river. A wide pristine river with forests, wine chateaus and mountains in the background. We felt the doneness of the bark end in our toes and had booked an overnight stay to start the adventure.

The next morning it was board gas to the port where we received a warm welcome from a comrade of Joachim (owner of 'Lot of Carp'). The boat was not quite what I expected to be honest. You know what, that boat is not simply an alucraft with a tent on it, but a hotel room with box springs, a kamado bbq and a fridge # carp perch king. After an hour the boat was loaded and we could start. The question is, of course, where do you, as a layman on a French river, make the lines wet? Everything looks fantastic, bowls here, fallen trees there, not to mention old barrages where you get the creeps. Fortunately, we had received a card in advance with a number of nice zones to start me.

In the afternoon we arrived at our destination and after anchoring the boat we heard some rustling from the bushes. And there he was, fresh and fruity after an hour of flying Joachim sprung up with French fisherman Mathieu the boat. After some deliberation, we decided to fish a nearby site on a shallow part of the river between the seaweed.

The first night had arrived, the lines had gone out and with one eye closed we went to bed. I heard the birds whistling and looked around me. HO WAIT this is not the intention! It was morning and delkims had not sung, the nets were dry and there was nothing in my retainer sling. KAK !!!

After a few big grubs of coffee, we decided to sail to the next dam in consultation with Joachim. After a few hours sailing through the beautiful area, Joachim was waiting for us at a lock with a fresh battery for the electric motor. As I already hinted, this was our first experience a French river and we were still searching for the right places and approach. Joachim luckily had not caught anything that night either: P Somewhat stupid, but then the white guy feels less bad.

He gave us a few tips on cuttings and not without result. This was the beginning of what is beautiful! That night the Delkims sang their first song! A 23 pounder and a few ukkies saw the inside of the net. It was not a world catch, but the head was off! Itching itchy itch! The site of the first night stayed in our minds. We sailed a lot before we sailed but the first night it was a blank. Hatsaflats! The button was cut. We had a good feeling, so we went back to the scene of the disaster!

35 degrees does not bother me, oh shit anyway. Fortunately, the refrigerator was filled with Kronenburg and the water was nice and cool so the trip back was a breeze. If you ever have the urge to undertake this adventure on the basis of this piece - → a lot of fun at the locks: P

I think this was the best decision of the entire trip. The third night (at the first site) we took our first 30 pounder and a couple of high 20s.

We have spent most of our trip on this site, resulting in more than thirty pounders and as outliers a 37 and 38 pounder (unfortunately one without a photo, who jumped out of the sling :().

jumping at the dinghy at night to get behind the fish, battles in the wierbed, an ever-changing river and a view to say nothing about.

Total 21 carp caught! Do your own thing, the freedom to go where you want is a big plus!

This trip was unforgettable for me and Jorrit and we will definitely come back!

Mark van Rhee and Barry Jans, 4 - 11 August 2018

We have a wonderful week of fishing behind us! What a wonderful environment! 7 days on a boat where nothing is missing, bbq, perfect beds, fridge, sufficient space, all the material etc. Joachim arranges everything for you. Every morning Mathieu brings baguettes and croissants and gives you tips where and how to fish the best. Fantastic guy who knows the Lot on his thumb! Despite the heat, we were allowed to catch some fantastic Lot carps, it was enjoyment. Beautiful mirrors and extremely strong braces. And that from a boat in a beautiful environment. What more could you want .... we will definitely go back sometime !! Thanks Joachim and Mathieu !!

Maik Reimann and Robert , 12 - 21 Septembre 2018

Thank you for the nice time on the water, it was a great adventure in the middle of the French nature at the Lot, we have seen a lot, learned and take many impressions home. Mathieu, you're a cool guy, thank you for your great care, your good mood is contagious and invigorating. Lot of Carp is well worth the trip!👍🎣☀🍷✈
Immer dicke Karpfen, Maik & Robert

Glenn Gieske and Jenny Vendel , 29 September - 6 Octobre -  2018

Saturday, September 29, our trip to the lot began, waiting for the airport we received the message from Joachim, that he would fly with us, because an accident happened with the boat. Arrived in France everything was already solved by Mathieu. After this we had a wonderful week, in a beautiful environment and with great fishing up to about 20k. Knowledge about the fate of Joachim and Mathieu was not lacking. Had a top week until next year. Glenn and Jenny