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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the prices per boat or per angler?

Prices are per arrangement / boat. Normally so per two people.

In the case of renting stuff for fish from the banks, the price is per angler. The second angler will be more profitable in that case, because you probably will not have to rent two zodiacs.

Can we safely park the car somewhere?

Yes! If you come by car you can park it on our terrain. We live in Albas (+/- 200 meters from the Lot)

When is the best time to fish the Lot?

There is actually no answer to this. Every period has its charms, and you can catch well every period! The least current is around the summer. Spring is often more volatile in terms of weather. The autumn is very stable: until November it is very pleasant!

Can I buy bait?

Boilies can be purchased with us at low prices. It is a boilie that works everywhere, but certainly for the Lot is perfect. The boilie is made extra hard to minimize the avoidance by white fish. Dense bags (5 kg) can be returned.

Where are you situated exactly?

In principle we rent the boats between Cahors and Fumel. This is an area where there is little tourists boating. We choose a stretch in advance in consultation with the guests. If there are other wishes (further upstream or down), this can be arranged.

Is there a supermarket nearby?

Supermarkets are on some stretchers to walk from the Lot. Messages can also be passed on and delivered for a small fee.

Can we also come by plane?

Off course, we recommend it! We can pick you up from Bergerac (one hour driving) and bring you back for a total of € 150.


Bordeaux and Toulouse are also possible. From there it is also good to drive, we recommend to rent a car.

Are licenses included?

Permits are personal, so they are not included. A week permit costs € 30 per person, but sometimes it's cheaper to buy an annual permit when you go to France for fishing more than one week a year. When booking, we will send you a very comprehensive information guide by mail with everything you need to know about the boats and the Lot. It also explains how online a license can be ordered and printed out very easily.

What if it flows hard?

The Lot is a rain river that, after much rain, can suddenly start to flow. In that case, if there is really no fishing (rarely), we move the boat to a wider and deeper part. Here too, we only allow fishing on parts where we would fish ourselves. Stretchers with a nice stock of carp.

What is daily guidance exactly?

We can offer a daily guide  (+/- 1 - 2 hours) to move and anchor the boat and help with positioning lines (with breaking lines). Of course we also immediately take baguette and croissants!

Why should we book with you, and not with another boat rental?

The whole Lot is beautiful, but for the ultimate river experience in the most beautiful part of the Lot you have to be with Lot of Carp. We are located in the Lot department, where simply the finest carp stock is (50/50 mirror / common) and the environment with mountains and rocks is beautiful. Because of our central location, we can easily continue upstream or downstream. In addition, our boats of all the luxury you want to provide and our anchor system are unique to land anywhere on these rocky stretches.

Furthermore, together we have more than 30 years experience in the area and our best tips are available throughout your session. Photos say more than 1000, so take a look at our photo gallery!

Are there sanitary facilities?

We have made arrangements for our customers with a number of campsites. Near virtually every stretch where we rent out the boats, there is therefore the possibility of using sanitary facilities. The rates vary per campsite but think of a few euros. Keep in mind that the campsites are closed very early, and very late in the year.