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All information you need to know about the Lot
The Lot river

The Lot is a rain river that rises in the central massif. From there the river meanders towards the west where it eventually flows into the Garonne. Between origins and confluence you come across the most beautiful places such as the capital of the department of Cahors and the lesser known cute town of Cajarc. The most beautiful places are Saint Cirq Lapopie and Puy l'Eveque, both of which are counted among the most beautiful places in France. I think a beautiful setting for a beautiful man-fish photo. If you prefer to move even further away from the inhabited world, the Lot is already a true paradise. There are plenty of places where no one ever comes and nature still goes its own way.

Many Dutch carp anglers cross the border to France more than once a year to fish in the land of baguettes and wine. I do not blame them, fishing in France is the best way to practice our hobby! Enjoying the sun and have the chance to catch a dream fish. However, not everyone has the time, the knowledge or the will to investigate and find out everything from scratch. Especially for a river of  more than 400 kilometers, it's an impossible job. I can imagine that it's too much work and effort, especially if you can only go once a year or maybe a few times a year. At that moment, a payment water might be an option, but the carp angler who likes adventure or challenge will soon be bored here.

I love to share my knowledge and experience with carp anglers who also want to test their luck on the Lot river. That can be done in different ways. I can give you a guided tour along the best parts and sites, provide and advise fishing spots. 100% guarantee is never possible with fishing, but with 99% certainty I can tell you you will catch some carps. If your prefer large numbers, we'll fish like that. If you prefer a better change of large mirrors, no problem. We'll adapt to your wishes.

Where can you find us?
Foto: Martin Post
Foto: Martin Post

Lot of Carp is located in Prayssac, a village in the middle of the most beautiful part of the Lot. In Prayssac everything is there: supermarket, gas station, good bakers and of course big carp! In principle, we rent out our boats between Cahors and Fumel. In consultation another stretch can be chosen.


With the Lot you immediately think of the photos with the rock walls. At Bouziès, for example, there is such a rock wall where a walkway is made for tourists. Here you can of course fish with Lot of Carp but actually we recommend staying in the region of Prayssac. The weirs here also have rock walls and you will find an oasis of peace. Few tourists on and around the water and at least such a good carp stock.


The Lot is almost always good to fish on the streches around Prayssac. If the current increases considerably, we move the boat to a stretch with less current.

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