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Welcome, bienvenue!

Good to see you! You are about to have the experience of a life time! Well, at least that chance is certainly present.

Isn’t that what makes fishing so beautiful, the unknown, not knowing what will come and when the next catch will be.


  • Fishing during the night is allowed

  • The ratio between common carp/mirror carp is 69% common and 31% mirror in the area where Lot Of Carp is active. 

  • The average weight in 2017 was 15,4 KG

  • About 64% of the catches weighted more than 15 KG in 2017

  • At the area of the Lot where Lot Of Carp is active, were in 2017 at least six carps caught which weigh more than 30 KG

  • At almost every week one or more carps of 20KG were caught.

The Lot river

The Lot river is 481 kilometers long, but only 200 kilometers as the crow flies. When you see this beautiful river on Google Earth, you immediately understand why. The winding Lot slowly meanders through deeply worn valleys. 

The carps


The Lot is one of the cleanest rivers in France and is therefore an oasis for the underwater world. In the crystal-clear water there is a lot of natural food. No wonder the river has been producing a huge amount of big fish for years. Believe me when I say it suffocates from the carp over 20, 25 and even 30 kilos! The Lot is by far the best carp river in France.